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Complete Marketing from Lead Generation to Making the Sale.

This IS Full Stack Marketing.

Looking for REAL solutions to grow your business?

We solve the two most painful business challenges :

1. Marketing and Sales

2. Business Support and Training

Strategic Marketing Solutions

We take the guess work out of marketing and sales by building fully supported marketing and sales system that leads prospects through every phase of buying from leads generation, consideration to final purchase.

Empower Through Training

Marketing and sales are only part of the process. We will make sure you and your team are well trained to support the growth and sales process. We offer training that supports our marketing system but many other leadership development topics. After all, we all know that the best team is a well trained team!

Sincere Support

Our goal is to make sure every business owner and leader is fully supported. Working with our team allows you access to solutions that will support your business and team, grow your revenue, protect your time, recruit and retain the best talent, and live the entrepreneurial dream.

Good People Working with

Good People!

With over 20 years successfully marketing businesses, we know that is only one piece of business. Marketing strategy is good, and will ultimately perform best when you and your team are trained to fully understand and support the customer journey. Your team ALSO needs to learn, understand, and leverage the systems at their disposal.

Transformation Group not only provides you access to the most strategic marketing, training, and support to grow your business, but will also support you in being the ultimate expert of your industry...all while leaving your competitors coming in at a distant second.

Growing leads gives you opportunities. Growing sales gives you cash flow. Growing systems gives you efficiency. Growing people gives you the ultimate advantage!

Transformation Group was founded and still lead by Shannon Filing, a female entrepreneur who is passionate about the impact small business has on communities, lives of owners, and the lives of their team.

Meet The Team

Shannon Filing

April Kester

April is the center of every project. With a wealth of knowledge she executes campaigns flawlessly. You will also get to know her through our 2 Takes Podcast!

Travis Filing

Travis and Shannon started Transformation Marketing together and have enjoyed being able to work with each other. Travis' marketing and sales expertise is an asset to our clients. If you want your company to stand out in a unique way, Travis' wit can not be beat.

Abi Gove

Abi started on our team as a writer. However, over the years her talents have expanded to include graphic design, video editing, and paid ad placement. Her selfless approach to our clients is appreciated by them and our entire team. Abi's answer to any challenge is "I sure can!".

Shannon Filing

Nikka Atienza

Nikka is the essential "right hand" for Shannon. Nikka has a degree in marketing and journalism and applies those skills to her role on our team. She is extremely adept at research and has tremendous cross over skills in marketing and office support.

Munna Chowdhury

Munna is a blessing to our clients as he has mad skills for web design and coding. From quick projects to multifaceted websites, Munna's skills are second to none. Munna has served our clients for over 5 years seamlessly and exquisitely bringing any possibility into reality.

Nadine Mahinay

Nadine is an incredible short form writer and content creator. There is nothing she won't learn and do well taking tremendous pride in her work. Along with those marketing skills she brings valuable talents of podcast editing and video editing.

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Why should you do marketing differently? Watch and find out. We guarantee...you won't hear this from any media rep or any other marketing agency!

We are helping businesses just like yours get the leads that will grow their business and nurture those leads through the entire sales process as they consider your product or service until they buy, all supported with automation and little to no manual process!

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